TAROT AS A MIRROR: Using the Tarot for Personal Transformation
The Tarot deck was originally a book of knowledge in picture form. The cards can be used as a highly accurate mirror for our personal journeys, and they are a natural vehicle for developing our intuitive abilities. In this 5-week class we delve into some of the deeper meanings contained within the cards, learn the basic language of the Tarot symbols, and focus on learning more about the remarkable and significant gifts of our individual perception. Class time includes plenty of practice giving and receiving readings, and learning to articulate what may at first seem like fleeting impressions. No prior experience necessary.

This class is a continuation of the exploration begun in Tarot As a Mirror. It is designed for those who already have a familiarity with the cards , and intend to use the deck to provide in-depth readings for others, whether as a healing practice or as an addition to another form of reflection, i.e. psychotherapy. We will use the Rider deck in this class as a common focus.

This 6-session journey is designed to expand your sense of your creative self and help you discover some new tools to tap into your own specific--and possibly undiscovered--talents. Creativity, Personal Essence and Magic is a "designer" class focusing on the pursuit of buried treasure: inner genius, experiences of the way your particular mind works, and the way intuition serves as the link between vision and actual creative manifestation in the world. Participants receive on-going reflection through a variety of intriguing and enjoyable experiences. Class time will also be supported by several specialized assignments tailored to your unique personality.

A brand-new 6-week offering, this class will focus on the ways in which intuition works, the variety of non-ordinary senses, valid realms of experience beyond the physical, afterlife communication, and the mystical/spiritual nature of life. The subjects may sound weighty but we will have fun exploring them, and you will have the opportunity to gain valuable personal reflection throughout the class.

Stacy Appel teaches classes and one-day intensive workshops throughout the Bay Area. Please feel free to contact her for more info, especially if you would like to have a class or workshop scheduled in your geographic area.