Stacy Appel is a professional psychic and medium who trained in Los Angeles and Berkeley, California. For more than twenty-five years, she has provided discriminating reflection readings for clients throughout the United States and abroad. Her mini-readings are featured at both corporate and private events and celebrations. Corporate clients include Borders Books, Holiday Inn, Whole Foods, Manka’s Inverness Inn, Chevron, East West Books in Sacramento, Reunion Health and Healing Center in Pleasant Hill, the Dolphin Dream Bookstore in Walnut Creek, and others.

Stacy has been interviewed as a featured guest on several radio shows, including Seeing Beyond in the Bay Area, In the Company of Angels in Monterey, and Contact Talk Radio in Seattle and Phoenix.

Stacy is also a writer whose work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Skirt Magazine, and on NPR radio, among others. She has a background in bereavement and hospice care.

Arranging a Private Reading: Individual private readings offer an in-depth look at specific life issues or questions. Specialties include afterlife communication, career questions, relationships past and present, animal companions, finances, spiritual development, “crossroads” dilemmas, and more. Readings can also provide a detailed overview of what’s going on currently for a client and what process is just beginning.

A reading is arranged by appointment and takes place by phone, or in person in her Walnut Creek or Sacramento office, and lasts one hour. Subsequent readings, if requested, are offered in two tiers, thirty or sixty minutes. Stacy brings her experience and integrity to each reading, and welcomes skeptics, being one herself.

To arrange an appointment or for more information, please

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